Make All Links Open In A New Window

Make All Links Open In A New Window If you write your website, as I do, with lots of hyperlinks to other weblogs and web websites, you may create it practical for your visitors to perspective those other weblogs or web websites then come back to your website. Instead of watching the other weblog or website in the same screen, you start the other weblog or website in a new screen. When people completes watching the other weblog or website, he / she basically ends the new screen. The content that he or she was studying, in your website, is right there in front of them.

You can, in the same way, do this with images. If you want people to perspective images, then come back to the written text in your content, you start the image in a new screen.

Instead of programming each individual weblink to a weblog, image, or website, you can create all hyperlinks within your website start in a new screen. Simply add a "<base target='_blank' />" to your website, in the headlines.


And change that to:
<base target='_blank' />

But, consider this properly. If you build your website intensely using hypertext, as I build my weblogs, do you really want your visitors having to close a screen everytime they complete studying a attached content in your blog? Do this with attention.

While people is in your website, give them one choice of what to study whenever they want. If they basically simply click a weblink to study some details, let them study the details. Then, they basically simply select the Back option, and come back to where they left the past content. Only if people is making your website, to study another website for details, should you keep your website start in the current screen, and start a new screen for the new website.

Of course, if you have an extremely large amount of hyperlinks that you would like this way, maybe in a few linklists, you could coordinator the linklists in another weblog, and include the other weblog in an iframe or maybe a sequence of content attached to your public weblog. Maybe such as the iframe in your sidebar would work for you.

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