An Easy Way to Make a Bootable USB Drive with Rufus

An Easy Way to Make a Bootable USB Drive with Rufus
An Easy Way to Make a Bootable USB Drive with Rufus - Not infrequently some of us are faced with obstacles that require the computer booting from a USB flash drive (flash). For example, should re-install windows, Linux, update the BIOS, Recovery password or to just check and analyze the operating system. One free and portable software that we can use is Rufus.

Previously I've had to review a variety of free software to create a bootable Windows (see 5 Software Free make Bootable USB Windows). Now there is another free software and other portable that is no less good, which is Rufus. Even the software is not just for windows installation alone but more than that.

Rufus is a small, lightweight utility that can be used to format and create a bootable USBFlash drive (flash, memory stick, etc.). By Rufus we can use for various things, such as:
  • Want to install the operating system of either Windows or Linux USB
  • Want to work with devices such as hard drive no operating system is its
  • To flash the BIOS or firmware update from DOS
  • To run software that requires access to low level, such as low-level format 

Some Advantages of Rufus
Although previously I cover a variety of software to create a bootable USB, but some onlyfor Windows and some are also limited to Windows Vista / 7 only. Another case with Rufus, despite its small size, Rufus has several advantages, including: 
  • The process of creating a bootable USB relatively quickly (even compared to softwarelike UNetbootin to create a bootable Windows 7 is almost 2 times faster)
  • There are options that include a FreeDOS, so useful for example to upgrade the BIOS or DOS utility other
  • Size is very small (only 146 KB and 407 KB without FreeDOS with FreeDOS) andportable (no install)
  • The existence of the feature to check the existence of "bad blocks"
  • Can be used to create a bootable USB variety of operating systems (Windows and Linux) and recovery utility. Learn to see the description below 

Use of this software is very easy, after the USB is attached, run Rufus. It will appear as it does when going to format in Windows, with some additional features, such as USBFlash drive information, file system, cluster size selection, Create a new label, check the bad block, quick format, add your own label and icon and the file selection ISO. 

An Easy Way to Make a Bootable USB Drive with Rufus

When creating a bootable USB, there is the option to make bootable MS-DOS, FreeDOS, or from an ISO Image file. Where do we get the ISO file? To get the ISO file that contains the operating system, we can make it from the CD / DVD windows, Linux or otherwise using such software ImageBurn.
After setting the selection is complete, we just click the Start button to begin creating a bootable USB flash drive and wait until the process is complete.

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