Routines are Important For Owners of PC / Computer / Windows

Routines are Important For Owners of PC / Computer / Windows
Routines are Important For Owners of PC / Computer / Windows - As we know, now that many computer users / netbook / PC (Personal Computer) which is thought to perform both routine maintenance of software and hardware used in the computer. Maybe, because most users don't know and don't understand the problem of "maintenance" but this is very important.

Here are some activities that should be done routinely for the owners of PC / netbook / computer.

Cleaning Hardware
For owners of desktop computers, the CPU casing where a variety of attached hardware should always be treated. Depending on the placement of the casing, after a while,usually in it will be full of dust, because the fan is running it will also bring into the dust.

Every few months or once a year in the Casing condition should always be checked, if it is full of dust should be cleaned immediately. If able to remove all components and return one by one, would be better. If not, simply brought into the open and cleaned with a brush. 

Routines are Important For Owners of PC / Computer / Windows

If the compressor is available, it will be easier to clean the components therein. Cleaning is very important especially if the processor fan or other fan has been filled with dirt, so airflow is not good anymore.

Software to check the temperature of computer components also need to be a collection so that any time we can monitor the temperature of various components. Can use the software built motherbard or other free software such as Speedfan, Hardware Monitor, and others. 

Care System (Software)
For the maintenance of computer systems (software), there are a variety of routines that should be done to keep the computer still work with a good performance. including the following:
  • Antivirus updates, if your computer using antivirus, Routines to update. Because no update antivirus will not work effectively
  • Windows Update, for users Original windows should always routinely update either manually or automatically.
  • Scan Computer with Antivirus, although it is installed antivirus, full scan should be done regularly, to ensure your computer free of malware / virus.
  • Clean up unused files, the longer, usually the number of files on the computer more and more and some may not be used anymore. Routines to inspect and remove unused files. Can also use software such as CCleaner, Glary Utilities, Advanced System Care and the other (be sure to check first for any settings to be removed before using the software like it)
  • Routine backups of important data, when the computer is full of important data such as tasks, reports, thesis or other data, do not forget to do backups. Most easily by doing all your important data with compression or software compression program such as 7zip, WinZip, Winrar and the like. Furthermore, the data backup media can put in a good terpisan external HDD, CD ROM, DVD ROM or stored online in the "Cloud Service" such as DropBox, and others safe as long as ascertained in advance (can be encrypted, password-zip)
  • Check the program is running with System / Windows, to do this can use software such as Autoruns or System Explorer. If you see any non-essential applications running with the windows should be deactivated in order to better computer performance
  • Defragment the hard disk, when it was too long, need to routinely defragmenter your hard disk (but not too often). Check first whether the need to defragment your hard disk.Can use the default Windows program (from the Accessories menu> System Tools> Disk Defragmenter) or make use of third-party software such as Defraggler or MyDefrag.

 A variety of the above matters may be a routine activity that can be done each user PC / Computer. And each user may also perform other routines according to their individual needs. If there are entries, additions or suggestions, please add through the comments, may be useful.

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