Trick How to Download from Youtube without Software

Trick How to Download from Youtube without Software
Trick How to Download from Youtube without SoftwareYoutube, whatever there is in this tube :-) even one's career can come out of this tube,just because of fun to fill the tube with the weird videos, recordings of their cool. call Jojo, Brigadier Norman and Udin world. However, on the other hand some people can be destroyed careers because one enters this tube with personal videos that should not be consumed by the internet audience. Well, this is a known tube Youtube.

The excess is, can view and upload videos that we like, as a venue for self-promotion, can download any video, streaming can learn, there are a lot of HD  useful video size, can be downloaded, and the video a lot.

The drawback can be abused users, a lot of misleading information, many states are blocked Youtube, because so many are free to upload videos that are useless or uploaded pornographic videos, pictures choked stagnant, lots of video with bad quality,not suitable for slow connection, can not direct download.

To download the file from youtube there are various methods of using auxiliary software or no software at all. Any tricks this time will be sharing how to download videos from youtube without any software.

This method is suitable for you who do not have the IDM or FDM or another download software. Only by following the step by step how to download videos from youtube without any software from this blog, you will have a collection of videos from Youtube with great ease.

Let us refer to:
  1. At Mozzila firefox Find the video you want
  2. Play to finish
  3. Find the address of the video cache file in your computer by:
    • Type about: cache? Device = disk in your browser, note the information that appears
    • Find a location in its cache, for example in, C: \ Documents and Settings \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \ 0mnutok6.default \ Cache (each computer is different location, adjust your stay)
    • Block location and then copy (press crtl + c on your keyboard)
    • Come in Windows Explorer by pressing Windows + E key combination (or right click on the start button select explore ...)
    • Paste (ctrl + v) the location of the cache in windows explorer in the address
  4. Find the location of the cache files are large (typically more than 3 Mb)
  5. Change the file extension with add. Flv behind by:
    • Example its cache file named 3FHMMKd1
    • Right-click on the file, select Rename
    • Add ". Flv" (without the quotes) behind file so that it becomes 3FHMMKd1.flv
  6. Try playing the file using your media player, if it is true that the video you want immediately move the file into another folder.
Quick tips to see and change the file name extension: make it easier to go into windows explorer, press simultaneously ALT + T, choose Folder Options, then select the View tab, Uncheck Hide Extensions for Known File Types. Select Apply and then OK.

Tricks How to Download from Youtube without Software, wish help you. Thank you for your visit, may make us useful online computer learning


  • can view and upload videos that we like
  • as a venue for self promotion
  • can download any video
  • streaming can learn many useful video
  • There are HD size, can be downloaded
  • the video a lot

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