Trick to Choose Amazon Keyword Affiliate Marketing

Trick to Choose Amazon Keyword Affiliate Marketing - In building the Amazon website, we need to do keyword research. Of course, keyword research to monetize different Amazon research for Adsense website.

Keyword research on the Adsense website prioritized on keywords with high CPC (minimum $ 1). Not so with Amazon blog keyword research.

Trick to Choose Amazon Keyword

Before we perform keyword research keyword or Amazon, we should first know the situation of the target market and general conditions relating to products Amazon will we sell.

Some things to consider before the keyword research for the Amazon website:
  1. Best Sales Category Amazon (Amazon product categories where sales are seasonal busy at certain times)
  2. Spring (March-June): It is better to choose the products in the category of toys, baby supplies, garden tools, school supplies
  3. Summer (July - Sept): It is better to choose products such as sunglasses, bicyle, camping equipment, security tools, garden applience, skin care, ac
  4. Autumn (Oct - Dec early): in this season, choose the products whose sales increased as a jacket, gift ideas, warm clothing, heating, snow removal tool
  5. Winter (Dec end - Feb): at this season, just continue to sell the items you have selected in the fall.
Several factors are also worthy of consideration in choosing a product Amazon:
  • We recommend choosing disposable products or products that fast expiry date (easily broken) in the hope would happen repeat purchases by visitors to your site.
  • Choose products that become the primary or secondary need products that are rarely found in retail stores
  • Choose products that can be used as a collection and regular
  • Choose products which can be used as gifts and ordinary
  • Choose the appropriate seasonal produce in season. If relying on traffic from search engines, blogs should be up in advance. For example, you choose to sell camping equipment summer, then as much as possible and have an online website so minimal in spring.
  • Make sure the product is still there (in stock).

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