2006 Honda Accord Manual PDF

2006 Honda Accord Manual PDF - Guys, study the article below, then you can download the 2006 Honda Accord Service Guide PDF below. 2006 HONDA Accord Security Program Owner’s Information Guide. Best wishes on your purchase of this 2006 Honda Accord Security Program. Your Ford Security Program is the product of decades of research and development. It will give you many decades of reliable performance, protection, and convenience. It includes two major components: a primary device and a handy handheld management transmitter. The primary device is the brain of the system. The built-in automated micro-processor watches your automobile for maximum protection. The Security Program also offers various options to customize the system to the choices of different users.

2006 Honda Accord Manual PDF
2006 Honda Accord Manual PDF
The handy handheld management allows you to convert the system on and off from outside the automobile while at the same time securing and opening the doors*. The transmitter can also be used to deliberately stimulate the horn in case of an emergency. To make use of your Ford Security Program, we encourage you to study this manual thoroughly.When the product is being prepared by the AUTOMATIC supplying method, there is a 20-seconds access wait time after • If the product is prepared by the handy handheld management transmitter, the access wait time is set to 0 a few moments, and the alarm is activated immediately when a entrance is started out. ON To disarm the access wait time method, place the key key after opening the entrance. Turn the key key to the ON (II) place. The security system disarms when the key key is turned to the ON (II) place. There are two possible ways to arm the system: 
  • MANUAL Arming ( Distant Control)
  • AUTOMATIC Arming ( Passive) Guide Arming (Remote Controlled) 1 Make sure the supplying method is set to MANUAL. Turn the key key to the LOCK (0) place. Remove the key from the key change. Quit the automobile, then close all the gates, the back area, and the hood*1. Press the LOCK key on the handy handheld management transmitter. Observe that:
  • The handy handheld management LED lights up.
  • The security system arms.
  • The position LED quick flashes once per 3 a few moments. (Be sure to examine the position LED quick flashes.)
  • The parking lighting display once. ( Be sure to examine that the lighting display.)
  • The gates lock*2. If the LOCK key is pushed again (within 5 a few moments of the first push) the horn beeps once to validate the gates are locked*2 and the product is prepared. *1 Only on the automobiles prepared with optionally available bonnet change. *2 Only on the automobiles prepared with power entrance hair.
  • When the primary device is set to MANUAL, the product is prepared by using the handy handheld management transmitter. This is the manufacturer setting.
  • It beeps three times, and does not arm if the.