Free Download Best Software for Netbook Which You Should Use

Free Download Best Software for Netbook Which You Should Use
Free Download Best Software for Netbook Which You Should Use - This time I will tell you about Free Download Best Software for Netbook Which You Should Use. Notebook (laptop) or netbook offers various advantages over desktop computers, mainly because it is lightweight and portable (easy to use anywhere). But beyond that there are some drawbacks such as battery life, keyboard, and touchpad are sometimes particularly disturbing or sensitivity that does not fit.

For those of you who have a netbook, notebook / laptop, here's a collection of freesoftware is a 'must' or should be installed in a laptop, especially those using windows operating system. Free software (freeware) will help us work better when using a notebook. In addition to laptop / notebook, the following applications can also be useful for the user's desktop (PC).

1. TouchFreeze or TouchpadPal
Touchpad on the laptop / notebook is very help us to work without a mouse. Butsometimes there is something quite disturbing if you're typing and touchpad are notdeactivated. Sometimes the mouse cursor is moved at random because the touchpad accidentally depressed, so we type in the letters that move everywhere. 

Free Download Best Software for Netbook Which You Should Use

Before using this software, check to see if we buy a laptop that already includes an application to disable the Touchpad. Check the application Synaptics TouchPad,Synaptics Pointing Device or something. If available, use the application. And usually we can activate / deactivate via a dedicated button on the keyboard. If the TouchPad does not include the application of this regulator, the alternative use TouchFreeze.
After TouchFreeze run, it will automatically toucpad disabled, thus preventing the mousecursor move randomly. But this application does not work for all hardware, if the computer is not running, probably not yet supported.
Download TouchFreeze (251 KB).
If TouchFreeze not work, try using TouchpadPal (443 KB) 

2. AutoSensitivity
Another problem is related to the touchpad sensitivity. Sometimes the pressure responseto click or double click too fast or too slow, including mouse movements. If you experience this problem, just try using this free software. This simple application serves to adjust the sensitivity of the touchpad and mouse. Click the Get Current button to get the settings in use today. 

Free Download Best Software for Netbook Which You Should Use

But as before, this application may not work for all hardware. This program can run on Windows Xp, Vista and 7 and requires. NET Framework 3.5 or 4.0. There is one more note that the download link provided in the form. Application (2 KB), after the download file. "Application" of this, double-click to download the actual application online (size about 50 KB only)
Download AutoSensitivity.

3. Aerofoil
One of the constraints when using a notebook is battery life is only a few hours, especially if you use Windows Vista or Windows 7 with Aero Glass enabled setting, it would be more wasteful use of battery. Aerofoil is free and open source programs are quite helpfulwith the issue. 

When the notebook using the battery, the aerofoil will automatically disable someWindows features that simply take power, such as Aero Glass. This application isavailable for both 32bit and 64bit and memory usage is relatively small.
Download aerofoil 

4. Core Temp
One of which should be wary when using the notebook is too high a temperature could be bad for the device in it. With free software, and small "Core Temp" will help us monitor the temperature and processor usage. When the temperature or the use of ever higher, it is necessary to re-check (check) applications that may burden the CPU performance. 

Free Download Best Software for Netbook Which You Should Use

Once installed, these applications can be set to be active in the system tray and displays the temperature information processor, CPU usage either in percent or in GHz CPU clock.From the Options menu, we can arrange a variety of things, ranging from the display to alert if the temperature is too high.
Download CoreTemp 32 bit (307 KB) or CoreTemp 64bit (344 KB) 

5. Battery Care
If we are not satisfied with the battery information is displayed windows and would like more detail, Battery Care seemed the right choice (for Windows XP, vista and 7). 

Free Download Best Software for Netbook Which You Should Use

In addition to providing information what percentage of the battery is fully charged, the estimated time of use, battery Care also provides detailed information such as capacity, power consumption, manufacturing and others. In addition to the added information processor and hard drive temperature. Some other features such as automatic switching to the desired power plan, control windows aero and services and other battery consuming.
Download BatteryCare installer or portable version (729 KB)

*Good Luck*

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