Trick How To Take Care Netbook Properly

Trick How To Take Care Netbook Properly
Trick How To Take Care Netbook Properly - At this time I will membehas about how to take care netbook properly that are not easily damaged, for buying a quality netbook is not a guarantee that your netbook will be durable if you do not know how to care for her. Buy a netbook with a variety of advanced featuresare no guarantee that your laptop will last longer if you do not know how to look after.Warranty service is good when your laptop is damaged is no guarantee you will not spend the money?

So, why do you think your laptop will be damaged if you were able to guard it well.Caring for a laptop is not a difficult thing. But if you'll regret it underestimated because the laptop could be damaged due to sudden events come suddenly without warning. 

Some things you should not do on your netbook that are not easily damaged : 
  1. Do not put up a netbook that is used directly into a netbook bag. This is because, a netbook that has been used typically still store excess heat. When the bag is inserted straight, the heat is retained long enough and will not be easily reduced. The result will affect the electrical components inside the netbook.
  2. Do not over-charge your netbook, unplug the mean charge of the electrical outlet whenthe battery is ful and charge more if the battery has been reduced by 40-50%. This is very useful to keep the battery durability and energy savings. So, you can read Trick/Tips How To Keep Battery Netbook Durable and Long Lasting.
  3. Do not use a netbook near food or drink for fear of spilling food or drink and we are on our netbooks.
  4. Do not touch the LCD screen with hard objects such as ballpoint. This often happens when we inadvertently show something on the LCD screen while learning and presentations.
  5. Do not leave your netbook in public places, such as college or at a restaurant table just because washing hands unless you are sure the netbook is safe because crime occurswhen there is a chance.
  6. Do not put the netbook crammed with other objects in the bag, such as books, let alonea hammer and nails, hehehehe.
  7. Do not put the netbook on the floor, beware as there are people through a netbook can be stepped on. 

Trick how to take care netbook properly are : 
1. Keep away from water
Water is the biggest enemy of all electrical equipment :-) So avoid eating and drinking near your netbook. Moreover, to put a drink near the netbook. If you are traveling out of town on a motorcycle and must bring a netbook, netbook bag when it rains make sure your Anti-Air or simply provide crackle (not considered a trivial problem).

2. Do not equate a netbook with a desktop computer. It should be noted in the care of a netbook is a netbook that we should never compare to a desktop computer. Although thespecifications of the computer (hardware and software) are the same, it is better not touse the laptop for hours or a full day just like we use a desktop computer. Based on the design and destining, laptop and desktop computers are different. If desktop computers are designed to be used for hours. However, the laptop is designed to work that requires us mobile or do not know where to work. If there is a desktop computer, better use ofdesktop computers for office work. 

2. Avoid excessive physical strain
The bag is jam-packed with various items, including your laptop, so the potential to cause pressure on the laptop, laptop LCD will eventually come under pressure as well and has the potential to crack and break. So make sure your laptop is not crowded with other items such as thick books in your bag.

3. Use a flat and safe place
Use the laptop safe, flat place. Use a laptop with a lap is not only potentially cause reproductive health problems, but also laptops prone to fall. Do not use the laptop in place a soft surface such as on a bed, because a certain brand netbook have air vents at the bottom. If closed, the heat from the laptop will not get out and that will result in over-heat membayakan various components therein.

4. Give the standard protective
Here in question is a protective shield for the LCD (LCD Protector) and keyboard (Keyboard Skin). With LCD Protector, your LCD will be safer from scratches and keyboard skin, keyboard you will be safer than liquids and dust. You can buy it in stores laptop accessories.

5. Avoid electromagnetic radiation berlehihan
Its main source is your mobile phone. It is advisable to not put the phone on your laptop.Because when a call or SMS, HP increased electromagnetic radiation and will damage the chip in a laptop is very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. For a long time, radiation above HP laptop will cause damage to the keyboard.

6. Wise use of electricity and batteries
Some people remove the batteries when they are used directly as a source of electrical power supply for netbook. This is very dangerous, especially if a sudden power outage.Not only will you lose data, but the potential damage some laptop components will be greater, especially your hard drive. So, use the battery. Chargelah back if the battery capacity is only 10%.

7. Use a cooling pad
Excessive heat due to the use of a very long time would decrease the endurance component of the laptop to heat damage. That is why buy a laptop cooling fan.

8. Keep a good laptop with CD driver
Some laptop brands provide drivers CD when we buy a laptop. Keep a good CD, because you will need it at any time if you have to reinstall the OS or any component of a laptop that can not run because the driver file is damaged.

9. Update Anti-Virus on a regular basis
No antivirus is perfect, but to always do the update, your antivirus will be more powerful laptop against viruses that enter the laptop. Make sure you do a scan of the flash is coming. 

10. Do not put the notebook in place that becomes very hot. As the blazing sun or in a car parked in the open long enough during the day. 

11. To be durable laptop battery for long lasting and stable electrical trends, better keep the battery charged no electricity. Do not force the laptop battery is completely discharged state. If it is low, make sure the laptop is switched off or be in-charge. Do not wait until the laptop turns itself off because the battery ran out. If possible when charging the battery, the laptop is off and when it is full of immediately revoked. Usually, netbook have indicator lights that can be used as a sign of whether or not a full laptop battery.

12. Use antivirus software and the official who is always being updated.

13. Take good care of congenital master program because when the laptop is lost it will be difficult for you to look for laptop drivers.

14. If you download free software from the internet, do not carelessly. Moreover, such software is as if as an antivirus. Use the software that you get from the package you buy a laptop. However, if you still want to use the downloaded software, then make sure you scan it with antivirus software you have.

15. Avoid placing the laptop on the floor. Therefore, it can be trampled by the feet of people at risk of laptop, your children, or pets. If the laptop is placed on the floor, will also be quickly soiled by the dust.

16. Plug your laptop into an electric stabilizer. If you're working on a laptop using the power (without batteries), then you should use a stabilizer that can prevent unstable voltage to your laptop.

17. Do not place any objects between the keyboard and the laptop screen. This is very dangerous, because the risk of a large scratch on the netbook screen. Surely you do not want to replace laptop screen scratched because of it?

18. When carrying a netbook in the bag, you have to be careful. Bags used to carry the netbook was not just any bag. Use a netbook or notebook bag that is used for the netbook so that other objects will not scratch certain parts on a netbook.

19. Never attempt to disassemble your own netbook. This is a very unwise action. Netbook not like radio or tape recorder. Many parts are so small that the manufacturer have been assembled by using a precision robot (computerized). If you are careless, then your netbook could be damaged severely. Always carry a faulty netbook to a dealer or service center of your netbook. 

*Good Luck*

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