Trick How to Fix a Printer Cartridge Canon

Trick How to Fix a Printer Cartridge Cannon
Trick How to Fix a Printer Cartridge Canon - A few tips, publishing device harm caused by almost 80% of the capsule, this is mostly due to our irresponsible when asking for, the focus of treating air at capsule was very powerful for harm to the capsule, a little slow to reduce carthrigde, because it could flow to the memory polyurethane space-age foam that producing nick was broken.

In addition, based on my knowledge, The canon eos publishing device mistake happens frequently, especially on the component capsule (where the ink filling) as shown on the part.

Incidentally, I use a Cannon IP 1880, when it's a problem or mistake that happens due to, toomuch to procedure list at the same period (approximately 100 linens of list once).

It made me a publishing device mistake and released an red flashing, simultaneously and the publishing device prevents publishing procedure can no longer be used for list.

once I discover out what appear to be Ink cartridge Printer Cannon IP sequence are frequentlyencountered problems, and not only happen to me my friend also had a similar.

Trick to fix a Printer Ink cartridge Cannon :
Step One (Hardware):
If the publishing device has not used, then want to repair, it would be nice publishing device inkjet capsules drenched in notify water (to sleek the freezing ink). Trouble should bathe the bottom and the part of the capsule.
Soak for 15-30 moments, then strain it dry (it can be cleaned carefully with a sleek cloth).
Open the top cover of the capsule by using screwdriver(min) a blend.
After the Start, you will discover the memory polyurethane space-age foam inside the capsule, remove the memory polyurethane space-age foam slowly, clean them fresh, this is because the amount of ink that cures to block the memory polyurethane space-age foam part of the fiber.
Dry the memory polyurethane space-age foam with solar
Clean the container (vessel) capsule using a tissue or a sleek towel.
After blow drying, etc. All Procedures Done, connect back memory polyurethane space-age foam.
Close the container (vessel) with a stick mastic stick kind of power.
At plenty of duration of sticking to note, do not be taxed until contact nick or steel.
After All The Finish adding / treating ink roughly 30% of the container. let the ink bathe, wait 15 moments.
Cartridge re-attach it to your Cannon publishing device.
Please turn on your publishing device, do not forget that the individuals are installed first.

Step Two (Software):
Please you obtain application Resetter (iPTool 1.1.4) for Cannon Printer type: IP 1200,IP 1300, IP 1600, IP 1700, IP 1800, IP 1880, IP2200, IP 2500. (Download here).
Run the program iPTool.exe
See the Totally recast Surfaces selection, the sub selection Ink Reverse please click on "Reset Black",then show a dialogue box you choose yes please, do the same factor on "Reset Color".
View the selection beneath Waste Ink Reverse, please click on "Reset Main" and then show a dialogue box, choose the course yes. Do the same factor on the "Reset Platen".
See EEPROM Functions selection and click on "Reset", then the dialogue box appears just choose yes.
Finished, click on Quit.

May be useful "Good Luck"

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