[Chrome Extensions] Edit web pages before printing

[Chrome Extensions] Edit web pages before printing
[Chrome Extensions] Edit web pages before printing - With the growing popularity of web browser Google Chrome, the more you begin to move or use Chrome as default browser. In addition to speed and stable, the number of support"extension" has also increased the completeness of the browser, one of which is printing and PDF

Chrome Extensions is an application or additional features (add) that can be paired (conditioning) in Chrome. Just as Mozilla Firefox, which provides hundreds of thousands Adding memalui Chrome Web store, also available hundreds (perhaps thousands) of extension. There are various categories such as business tools, education, entertainment, games, lifestyle, news (News), Productivity, Social & Communication,utilities and others. 
[Chrome Extensions] Edit web pages before printing

One extension that we will discuss is the print and PDF. With Print Friendly & PDF cansave ink when printing web pages and remove parts from the internet is important so that results can optimize for reading or reference.

Some features include:
  • Print Preview with a look that is at the beginning of optimization (loss) on the Internet is not important
  • Save as PDF
  • E-mail page to be displayed
  • Remove (delete) the web part of view "Print Preview"
  • Change font size
To start using this extension, open the Chrome web store (you can directly click the link or opening a new tab chrome icons with labels Chrome Web store) and search with keywords "print PDF". This extension will appear in the first row as shown below: 

[Chrome Extensions] Edit web pages before printing

Then click "Add to Chrome", to install or add to chromium. Due to its small size, if this process is fast and can be direct, since we use (no need to restart your browser). Active extension is indicated by the printer icon in the upper right corner of the chrome

[Chrome Extensions] Edit web pages before printing

Very easy to use when opening the Web page you want to print / print, or becomes a PDF, simply click the print icon PDF and friendly, it will show an overview of web pages that are already in the initial optimization. The next point areas that appear to select the section which will be deleted. To remove living in selected clicking with the mouse. 
[Chrome Extensions] Edit web pages before printing

Once completed, we can print (click on menu "Print") or print a PDF directly to the page through the menu / icon PDF. We also send e-mail address. After you click menu "Print", we still can choose from a list of available printers. (For more information and downloads, visit the page Print Friendly PDF)

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