How to Fix a Computer Power Supply Damaged

How to Fix a Computer Power Supply Damaged
How to Fix a Computer Power Supply Damaged - Power supply is an important part of the computer. Power supply has a function to provide power to all computer equipment. Power supply is like a food basket for all workers in the computer. Without the power supply, as high as any specification of your computer will not mean anything. Power supply is the lifeblood of your computer, if is damaged, then the stability of uninterrupted computer access, even you will not be able to operate a computer at all.

If you suspect that your power supply is dying, replace it. A common clue which indicates a failing power supply is a high-pitched whining or grinding noise from the area of the case where the power supply is housed. Don't wait until the supply dies, because its failure can cause voltage problems which can ruin your motherboard, hard drive, or other components.

Invest in a high quality power supply. Do some research before you purchase one. More wattage on the package doesn't mean better. Most home PCs don't actually use more than 300W, even though this is not what power supply marketing people want you to know. The unit should provide adequate wattage for your needs. Don't skimp on the power supply, as you may regret it later. Power supplies that fail can damage other components in your computer, especially the motherboard.

Power supply has an important task to change the power supply from high voltage to low voltage consumed by the computer. As we know that the voltage is different in each country, by the power supply was changed to 12 V and 5 V. Furthermore not only lowers power supply voltage, but also a change from the current-voltage AC (Alternating) to a voltage DC (Unidirectional), because the computer does not consume alternating voltage.

Function of power supply will be disrupted if damaged. The preparation How to Fix a Computer Power Supply Damaged are as follows:
  1. Prepare standard equipment to improve power supply is a screwdriver, pliers, and AVO meter.
  2. Open the casing cover power supply using a screwdriver.
  3. Measure the input voltage of your electrical outlet is 220 V showed a normal number? If there is zero chance powernya broken wires, replace the cable. Or if the numbers do not mean there are up to 220 V voltage drop, check your stabilizers or electrical conditions in your area.
  4. Measure out from the power supply voltage is correct about 12 V and 5 V? If not check the power supply components in the electrolyte condenser.
  5. Be careful during the analysis of damage, because you're working with power tools.
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