10 Best iPad Applications In 2012

10 Best iPad Applications In 2012
10 Best iPad Applications In 2012 - IPad application requirements appropriate to the company more and more, with functions that can be used for work. With the development of more advanced application that creates a lot of usefulness for the company, so employees can be constructive and not just sitting at his desk, but when they are away from the desk can do the job.

Now Apple users can take advantage of the tremendous growth of wireless access. The application introduces a service update to Keynote, Numbers and Pages include data in the near future. Among them is the Office OS X and Applications IOS with 3G and Wi-Fito sync so that employees do work while traveling or at work.

1. Quickoffice Pro HD 
10 Best iPad Applications In 2012
This application can be used easily to share Office files through the keynote. Interface with the look of the Professional, including the ease of synchronization with Google Docs.Users are also facilitated when sharing a separate file such as text documents,presentations and spreadsheets. By using the Quickoffice Pro HD The three files can be sent with just one send.

Quickoffice Pro HD using a standard format, so there is no further requirement for userswho want to share documents. If no internet connection, users can work locally,otherwise if there is a connection, either Wi-Fi or 3G, users can work through the onlineserver. The drawback is that the module has no layout functionality Pages, Keynote or Numbers. 

2. LogMeIn Ignition
10 Best iPad Applications In 2012
LogMeIn is an application used to update the server IP address and service with detailsof your broadband router. If you leave your computer at work, the client software on your iPhone or iPad will be connected and can find your computer is left on the Internet, which allows you to view the screen while controlling the mouse and keyboard remote.

Did you forget to read the email? No problems with LogMeIn, simply log in from nearby Wi-Fi connection and you can send an email to your iPad. 

3. GoodReader for iPad 
10 Best iPad Applications In 2012
GoodReader is an application to display Microsoft documents and PDG, archivesSafari, iWorkfiles, video, images and audio. The elegant display contains a variety of features including screen brightness slider to change the navigation easy for you to slide through the page or bookmark set and location number.

If you read a complex PDF documents, GoodReader provides an alternative to clear the picture, leaving only the text. This is a great way to keep up with the reports that you might want to read on the train or bus on your way home.

The program contains the tools menu located on the side with the ability to save the original file. Can save files directly in the form of Zip. 

4. Wunderlist HD 
10 Best iPad Applications In 2012
Wunderlist HD is an application serves as the registrar a list of your tasks and schedules that can appear on the desktop menu, so it will not forget your work schedule. 

5. Pen-ultimate 
10 Best iPad Applications In 2012
Pen-ultimate is An application that we can use as a paperback book, with lots of colors like a pen. There are also several options including the paper used. It looks very attractive and exclusive. 

6. Plain Text 
10 Best iPad Applications In 2012
PlainText contains many features and is one of the best available application writing. Plaintext is a simple text editor with an uncomplicated, paper-like user interface. Unlike the default Notes app, allows you to create plain text and organize your documents in folders and sync everything with Dropbox.com. The synchronization application with your personal computer or MAC is really cool, one of the features of the application is that every time you stop, you will upload the document.

7. Skype 
10 Best iPad Applications In 2012
Skype is one of the best applications in the field of technology that is can used for telephone. By implementing a Voice Over IP technology (VoIP), you can contact others in the hemisphere without having to use any telephone. You can contact friends, family, business associates or anyone else without having to move from your work in front of the notebook or desktop computer. 

8. Evernote 
10 Best iPad Applications In 2012
These applications facilitate employees to write down ideas quickly and will be listed on the indexed. You can set the record in private collections in the notebook, describing it using keywords strategically to help you find it later. Ever note can be paired with desktop client. This is one of the fastest ways to create a digital scrapbook. 

9. SugarSync 
10 Best iPad Applications In 2012
SugarSync is similar to the hard drive. This application can be installed on other devices,this means you and your friends can share the same data set. This program lets you choose the folder you want to synchronize on your personal computer. SugarSync will copy everything to your own online storage, including synchronization with your other devices. This proves how simple and easy to get the images to the iPad when you need them for a presentation or document. 

10. Dropbox 
10 Best iPad Applications In 2012
Dropbox is an indispensable tool storage online. You can manage all of your personalcomputer and the MAC to log in, use the same information as the iPhone or iPad, and you will be synchronized on all three. Shown to safely store any files, and enhance security against losing your iPad,  because your work will always be backed up directly online . This program is free up to 2GB of storage. For more details see photoDropbox Automatic Upload for Android.

Any Tricks hopefully this article can help you with using the iPad, thank you for your visit.

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