How To Replace Hard Disk Netbook With Easily

How To Replace Hard Disk Netbook With Easily
How To Replace Hard Disk Netbook With Easily - Learn to be a technician laptop? At first you hesitate not to loading-unloading laptop? But it is really easy when we do it well and thoroughly. In dismantling your netbook should be careful not to damage other parts. So that his work has not increased.

well, For those of you who want to upgrade your laptop hard disk would not have hesitated to do so because it is not too difficult to follow the recommendation from the trick this time. Upgrade your hard disk is usually necessary to increase the shelf life of hard disk data storage media. Because laptops are generally only has one slot for the hard disk, then automatically you have to replace the old hard disk. Check first if using SATA or IDE technology.

If it is clear, this Replacement Laptop Hard Drive with easily:
  1. Inspect your laptop warranty, if still under warranty do not do the replacement hard disk. Because usually the laptop is still sealed and the resulting damage to the dismantling of hard disk seal.
  2. The laptop is off.
  3. Your laptop behind and looking breach-block usually have 1 or a few screws.
  4. Open the screws with a screw driver, and turn to the left and lift the lid.
  5. To remove the hard disk if there is any open cover plate screws. Pull breach-block ifthere is, remove the hard drive from the motherboard connector carefully.
  6. Prepare a new hard drive, pull breach-block if have. Insert the hard disk into place, with the exact position of the connectors on the motherboard connector.
  7. When you're done, check your work again.
  8. And then lock the cover with screws.
  9. Turn on your laptop.
  10. Finish.

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