Trick How To Keep Battery Netbook Durable And Long Lasting

Trick How To Keep Battery Netbook Durable And Long Lasting

Trick How To Keep Netbook Battery Durable and Long Lasting - Notebook Battery is the most important part of a netbook that can be turned on wherever we are, but many people have asked how to care for so long-lasting laptop battery. In the previous article I discussed about the 10 best netbooks in 2012. Surely once you buy a netbook, you need to take care netbook and also the most important netbook battery maintenance. That's I'll tell you some Tricks How To Keep Netbook Battery Durable and Long Lasting :

Never use the charger at random.
If at any time laptop charger is broken, do not ever use the charger is not compatible with our netbook. At least we do not use the charger from a different laptop brands, though the situation was an emergency. Because each has a character and a battery charger current and voltage independently. Wearing an incompatible charger can make your laptop battery can be damaged even heat and explode.

Do not assume the netbook
Wearing a netbook by lap can block fan ventilation holes so the netbook and the netbook battery becomes hot quickly. It becomes more dangerous to our body temperature is too warm. Excessive heat causes the cell-cell battery netbooks we become easily damaged.

Always check the cleanliness of the battery.
Clean the dust is always in contact metal-metal battery or existing, must be no paper or metals that could connect these contacts. If that happens, we have a netbook and a battery short circuit. Even the smallest bit of dust that could potentially make the battery connector is corroded and rusted metal.

Do not use the netbook on the carpet, sofa, mattress or other soft places.
If you want to use the netbook in place of the above, use a hard base or use the fan again ngetrend cold today. Because if not .. then the laptop will experience overheating because there is blockage of vents by carpet.

Avoid shocks, pressure or hard impact on the battery or the laptop.
Because in addition to a defective battery can be damaged if the netbook you also beturan hard hit, especially the most vulnerable are the ICD and the hard disk.

Do not put the netbook in hot, like in the hot sun, and so on.
In addition to hot laptop, you would not feel comfortable when playing in the sun or a netbook in the room that this could lead to panas.hal netbook, your laptop is overheating finally broken.

Do not use the Netbook in place that is too moist or wet.
It is feared is the presence of water that can damage circuits and our laptop battery. We always keep the laptop from water and excessive heat.

Do not be too long to charge the battery.
Make sure you disconnect your charger if the battery is full. Do not be too long to charge the battery if it is full, let alone to be left to sleep, it may accelerate the age of cells that are in your notebook battery.

See the book carefully.
Some laptop brands have special rules regarding their products. Read the manual book your laptop and make sure we use it as a guideline. 

In addition to the above, at this time I will also talk about some simple guidelines for caring for another notebook battery / laptop. 

How long will my battery can last?
Notebook battery will decrease with time if you use them or not. Even if Li-Ion battery industry does not publicize this fact, battery clock starts ticking the moment you put together. Elements within the battery will react, and eventually the battery will not be able to supply enough power for your notebook. In addition, your battery designed to last between 300-800 charge cycles / recharge. And will gradually decrease its ability to supply power to the notebook.

Trick How To Keep Battery Netbook Durable And Long Lasting

In general, notebook battery will last between one to three years. You might be able to slow the decline in ability, but can not stop the process. Battery temperature, means and frequency of use will affect the notebook battery lifespan. You can slow this process with care in accordance with some care and maintenance.

Low temperatures will slow the process of discharge (lose charge while connected to electrical power) and the aging process of the elements within the battery. In contrast, the high temperature will shorten battery life. Leaving your battery when connected to AC power causes the temperature of the battery increases. Remove and keep the battery at cold temperature will slow the aging process. Keeping your notebook in a hot environment is also not good for batteries.

Lithium-Ion batteries used in notebooks are designed to be used around 300-800 cycles charge / discharge. Some of these cycles are used when you let your battery installed when the notebook on AC power. On AC power, the notebook will routinely remove the battery when it reaches the level of knowl-charge's specific (ie 95%).Removing the battery and store it in a cool dry place and will protect a few cycles.

User habits
Li-Ion Battery is not affected by memory effect (the battery needs to be used until completely discharged before recharging to avoid the loss of capacity) like older rechargeable batteries. Recharge cycles will increase the full discharge capacity loss per cycle. Some times the 'content-to-wear part' is better than one 'wear out'. However, you also need to calibrate your battery regularly.

When the AC power, the battery should be removed or installed?
Some things to consider, if:

You remove the battery while on AC power:
• Preserves charge cycles
• Leaving the battery at low temperature, thus slowing the aging process

• Loss of function of a battery backup when power outage
• Data can be lost or damaged even if no power from the battery backup function
• Keep in UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to replace the backup function

Trick How To Keep Battery Netbook Durable And Long Lasting

You let the battery is attached:
• Battery serves as backup if power is suddenly dead.
• It is easier and efficient to carry
• The battery does not need heating time (as if stored dilemari es)

• Loss of some recharge cycles
• The temperature of the battery increases and decreases its ability to result in more rapid

Age extend battery
  • Calibrate the battery with a 'wear out' every 30-time charge to maintain the accuracy of the elements within the battery. Use your notebook until the battery is completely used before charged.
  • Avoid repetition 'wear out' a regular basis. Li-Ion batteries lose less storage capacity when charged though not consumable.
  • Baterau off and store in a cool, dry place. Optimum charge level is 40% for long storage.Storing a battery with low power will cause permanent damage. Because of that, usually when you buy a new notebook, the battery has been filled about a quarter to a half.
  • If you store batteries in the refrigerator, use a sealed plastic bag to avoid moisture.Allow the battery to warm to room temperature before being used or pulled his charge.

Estimated life of the battery
Some programs claim to be able to estimate the life of the battery. But of course this is often inaccurate.
Applications that are installed on a notebook can provide more accurate results.
Try to do some quick tests to see if your battery is 'drop' or not. Charge / full recharge the battery to 100%, then, used to play VCD / DVD, while browsing on the internet. In general for a new notebook, the battery will last approximately 2 hours.

If you buy a used notebook, this method is able to give accurate results. If the moment the battery meter showed a significant reduction, it is certain notebook batteries are not good.

Consider a battery backup?
As mentioned above, the elements of the battery capacity will decrease over time, whatever you do. Therefore, do not rush to buy a spare battery, if only to slow the decline in the ability of the two batteries.
Buy, if you really need backup power, for use without a power outage.

Trick How To Keep Battery Netbook Durable And Long Lasting

Can I use a battery of other brands if the fitting is installed?
And can I use a generic battery?
Each laptop battery fitted microchips designed specifically to meet the requiredspecifications for the laptop in question and is associated with an application that monitors battery usage. For example, certain in laptop application is programmed to alert the battery will be exhausted at a certain level and turn off the laptop automatically at a certain level as well. If you use batteries from other brands, may be, the setting isnot appropriate. The program can suddenly ordered the laptop to turn off automatically,because the mismatch between the chip inside the battery danmikro program.

Trick How To Keep Battery Netbook Durable And Long Lasting

In addition, generic batteries are cheap, often not made ​​with good security standards.Instead batteries from leading brands use components that have been tested andpassed the safety test. Therefore, the price of original batteries are usually expensive,because they have to use expensive components. Several instances of generic batteries do not work in certain laptops, because laptops are in the application is programmed to reject the generic battery to avoid battery consumption is dangerous.

There are some people who do not have problems with generic batteries. But you should consider whether it is appropriate to save a little money with the potential risk to be faced.

What about product recall and the battery that exploded?
Around the year 2006, there were reported cases of exploding batteries, so somevendors pull their products off the market. But in line with current technological developments, the case was barely heard from again.
Article about it you can read here

Some practical tips:
  • Heat is your enemy. Avoid to put your battery in place of heat, such as in a car at the time of day
  • Usage until exhausted is not good for Li-Ion battery. Should do the refilling when it reaches the level of 10-20%.
  • Calibrate your battery every 30 charge cycles. Let the battery is used up, to keep the pointer on the laptop remains accurate.
  • If you are going to use electric power in a long time, you can extend the battery life to take it off and keep it in storage
  • Store a dry and cold with the condition of the battery is 40%. Some experts advise to keep it in the fridge. Use a sealed plastic bag to get rid of moisture.
  • Do not enter into the freezer to be frozen.
  • If you want to use again, allow to warm to room temperature before being used again.

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