Set Windows Right-Click Menu With FileMenu Tools

Set Windows Right-Click Menu With FileMenu Tools
Set Windows Right-Click Menu With FileMenu Tools - The existence of a variety of menu when we right click on Windows, either the file or folder is pretty much help us accelerate the work. But it is not uncommon right-click menu(context menu) too much and sometimes it feels slow to appear. The solution is to set up their own menu with free software FileMenu Tools.

When adding the program / ​​software is not uncommon these software add menu when we right-click the file or folder. Maybe some of the menu is quite helpful, but if too much,sometimes inconvenient when I have to choose the menu and roads that do usually do uninstall the program. Even sometimes the menu we never used at all.

Set Windows Right-Click Menu With FileMenu Tools

With FileMenu Tools, we can make the right click menu (context menu) windows. Some features include:
  • Adding a menu to run the operations of the selected file or program
  • Add specific commands that can run the program or other application, do the copy / move to a specific folder or even to delete certain files
  • Setting the menus that appear on the menu "Send to .."
  • Enable or disable the menu that was added by another application or program
  • Adjust or shift the position of the menus that appear

FileMenu Tools provides an innate feature that we can add the context menu (right-clickmenu windows), such as Find and Replace, Delete locked file, Permanent Delete,Change Icon, Run the file with a particular argument or parameter (for file exe, com, andbat) , do the copy / move files, copy files and other locations. Learn to see the features inherent file operations in FileMenu Tools. 

Set Windows Right-Click Menu With FileMenu Tools

Use of FileMenu Tools
After the run, are 3 main menu shown in Tab, the Commands of FileMenu Tools, "SendTo ..." menu and Command of other applications. Each user can be briefly described as follows:
  • Commands of FileMenu Tools, to add a right click menu on a file or folder. We can choose a variety of options or parameters of the properties and perform actions from the Action
  • "Send To ..." menu and, for the set menu on the sub menu "Send to ..."
  • Command of other applications, to organize the various right-click menu in Windows and is usually added by other applications. Having removed the check mark, click the icon "Apply changes", then right-click menu will automatically disappear / appear without having to restart.

This application is very useful, especially when you right-click menu too much, so it is necessary to disable (remove) the menus that we rarely use, or when we are doing operations on files / folders and would like to add right-click menu for quick do the job.

The program can be used for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 both 32bit and 64bit.In addition to the installer version is available, there is also a portable version. To use,please download FileMenu Tools (Installer 6.5 MB and 5.7 MB Portable)

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