Download GIMP Graphics Processing Software 2.8 (Free)

Download GIMP Graphics Processing Software 2.8 (Free)
Download GIMP Graphics Processing Software 2.8 (Free) - If we are processing an image (images) and needs a full-featured graphics software like Photoshop but free, GIMP is probably the answer. And the good news, a few days ago just released a new version with a range of exciting new features.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is one of the graphics processor for free (open source) are the most popular. In addition to being one of the main graphical editor in Linux, the installer is also available for other operating systems like Mac OS X, Windows, FreeBSD and Sun OpenSolaris. So users of Windows (7, Vista, XP SP3, can take advantage and use it for free.

Last time I tried GIMP is quite old and rarely used, because it saw its use is somewhat complicated, especially with the appearance of each window (tool) are separate, so each time have to adjust the location of each of these tools. Moreover, who are used to using Photoshop, are usually not comfortable with the separate window.

GIMP image editor version 2.8

But it seems to be starting to change since the release of GIMP 8.2 in early May 2012 ago.Versi 2.8 brings many changes and complicated impression seems to be fading before. Moreover, if we look for alternative software photoshop class (rich editing features) are free, GIMP is probably the answer.

Various new features
GIMP 2.8 comes with new features, including which is the main demanders of previous users. Here are some new features of GIMP 2.8 is quite important:
  • Multi-Column Window Dock, allowing display many windows (tool) in a column with drag & drop. This feature is very useful for a wide monitor or multiple monitors.
  • Single-Window Mode, after all this time-window using a separate window (toolbox, layer, the main editor, etc.), in version 2.8 we can take advantage of features of single-window mode. With this feature, all tools will be attached to the main application, like Photoshop. This feature can be activated via the menu Window> Single-Window Mode.
  • Layer Groups, to unite two or more layers into a group, are very useful when working with multiple layers and need grouping.
  • Save and Export appear in a separate menu for easy
  • Simple Math In Size Entries, you can insert mathematical operators such as addition, multiplication when resizing the image.
  • On-Canvas Text Editing , the features to edit text directly on canvas (drawing), without having to display a separate window as in previous versions.
It was just a few new features in version 2.8 of this, and many other features that further improve the quality of this software. For the new features of this version can read the release notes More Gimp 2.8, whereas for a more complete range of features of the GIMP, please see page features

Once installed and tried GIMP 2.8 on Windows 7, is quite different from the GIMP that I've ever tried before, its use was more easy, relatively fast image processing, the use of tools more easily. A menu similar to photoshop that is useful but not yet included in the default installation is a "save for web" (save image optimization for the web with a minimum size). But it's easy to be overcome by adding plugins such as RIOT. Or if no plugin could just use the menu menu> Export to a few optimization steps.

Save For Web Riot

With the release this version, it looks like I'll start using GIMP from the previous shift that is always hanging with Photoshop (which increasingly require high computer specs, not to mention to get the licensing price is still pretty fantastic).

Want to try? visit our Download GIMP (72.6 MB)

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