Fix Corrupted File or Document with File Repair

Fix Corrupted File or Document with File Repair
Fix Corrupted File or Document with File Repair - Destruction of documents or files on your computer can sometimes occur due to various reasons. If that happens and we can not open a file with the application as usual, there is an application or a free program (freeware) that we can try to fix it, namely File Repair.

Corrupted files can be caused by many things, such as electrical problems (eg sudden death), network connection problems (when downloading files), viral infections, and other application program error. If the file has not been severely damaged, we can try to fix with one of these free software File Repair.

Microsoft Word

Repair files created with one purpose, to fix the damaged file and try their best to retrieve the data that allows still legible. Supported file types are:
  • Excel spreadsheets (.XLA, .Xls, .Xlsx)
  • Word documents (.Docx, .Docm, .Doc, .Rtf)
  • GIF, JPEG,  BMP, TIFF, RAW images or  PNG (. Jpeg, .Jpg, .Tiff, .Gif,  .Png, .Bmp)
  • RAR archives or Zip ( .Rar, .Zip)
  • videos (.mpg, .mp4, .avi, .flv, .mov, .asf, .wmv)
  • PowerPoint presentations (.Ppt, .Pptx, .Pps)
  • PDF documents (.Pdf)
  • Audio (. Mp3,. Wav)
  • Access databases (.Accde, .Mde, .Accdb, .Mdb)
While the list of errors that may still be improved include:
  • Unable to read file, the application can not read file
  • file is not in a recognizable format, or file format is not recognized by the application
  • file can not be accessed, file or document can not be accessed
  • out of memory errors, errors or low system resources (memory error or a problem with a small memory systems)
  • application can not open the type of file represented by filename, the application can not open a file type with the file name
Seeing functions of this application is worth a try for those who are experiencing problems with the files are corrupted. But not all the files damaged beyond repair, if damage is severe or the contents of the file is compromised by virus, it is likely the file will not be repaired at all.

File Repair

Use of this program is very easy, just click the button with our three points to open the file, then click the Repair button. If the process is successful, then the file will be corrected with a name like that is in the Output fixed file as. This application can only be used to fix the files one by one.

If Information File Repair can not fix damaged file, they also take syndication via e-mail to damaged file repair for 1-24 time tried. If it is not very essential data (sensitive or confidential), records can be sent to the e-mail

additional tips
There are other tips that might be tried as File Repair can not open the file. ekxtensi replace one with another file. For example, the damaged Excel file (extension. Xls), can we try to change. Doc (or other extension) and open it with Microsoft Word (or another application), this method may still be able to read some of the contents of the file. But this will not be able to document with the extension docx, xlsx and pptx.

File Repair download (1.02 MB) Click Here.

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