Free Download CCleaner Latest

Free Download CCleaner Latest - Download the latest CCleaner can be found here. CCleaner is a free software that allows you to clean up her computer from the Windows OS files that are not used by the system and the registry is not used. With the latest CCleaner has a full-featured, we are treated to a costume including setting clear Recycle Bin and temporary files on your computer to the storage on the computer is not too crowded with things that are not useful. Several other costume setting is also available that adds powerful new CCleaner.

The newest of CCleaner v3.18.1707
CCleaner is a free software aka a very small freeware and works very fast in doing its job. The latest is  CCleaner v3.18.1707 with a few changes or updates are:
Free Download CCleaner Latest
  • Additional support for Firefox Update 12 final
  • Update added support for Google Chrome beta 20.0.
  • Additional updates are many options to view the detailed results.
  • Improved support for Internet Explorer 64-bit as addons.
  • Additional Update the functionality of Windows 7 compatibility with alt-tab.
  • Update added support for Opera Portable. eg CustomLocation1 = OPERA | T: \ OperaPortable \ Data \ profile
  • Additional updates to Corel VideoStudio Pro cleaning X5, MS Client Security and GIMP 2.8.
  • Increase the clearance for OpenOffice 3, AIMP 3.
  • Small GUI improvements.
  • Bug fixes.
So are you waiting for, just download the latest CCleaner is a free link is below. Full-featured and works so fast, feasible that the PC or Windows-based laptops do not forget to install this freeware Periform made​​. Immediately, please download the latest CCleaner and date below for free.

Download the latest CCleaner >>> CCleaner v3.18.1707

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