Free Download Foxit Reader 5.1.4

Free Download Foxit Reader 5.1.4 - Foxit reader is a software to view PDF files (Portable Document Format), exactly the same functions as Adobe reader, but there are many differences that distinguish the two.

Free Download Foxit Reader 5.1.4
Which one is superior if Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader? in my opinion the best are the Foxit Reader, why is that?

Because Foxit Reader requires a small hard drive space, the size of Foxit Reader 5.1.4 before install (crude) is only 13.8 MB and after installing a 50 MB's.

Another case for Adobe Reader 9.1, which requires a lot of disk space, for crude just need a size 41 MB, and once installed spacenya be 300MB's, was much different between 50 MB of VS 300MB's.

In terms of processor clock speed both have the same minimum specification is 1.3 GHz. When viewed from the minimum system memory, both are different again if Foxit size 64 MB RAM minimum, while the adobe reader requires a minimum size of 128 MB RAM.

One more advantage of Foxit Reader, which I feel, is when opening the PDF file more than one file, if using Adobe reader will surely make your computer taskbar becomes full, but when opened in Foxit Reader PDF file is opened, although a lot but still open in one view, which would not take up much space on the taskbar.

Here are the screen of Foxit Reader:

screen of Foxit Reader

To download Foxit Reader 5.1.4 click link below :
Hope it helps
Other advantages of this software is not TRIAL,
whereas there was no requirement for users to register.

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