Office Open source: OpenOffice 3.0

Office Open source: OpenOffice 3.0 - If we follow the development of IT news, telas best product release in 2008, the OpenOffice 3.0. OpenOffice may be the only open source applications with the Microsoft Office equivalent (in terms of completeness and capabilities). In this version there are many improvements, additional facilities and many other special features.

One new feature is being able to open the OpenOffice file format of Microsoft Office 2007 or 2008 (. Docx,. Xlsx,. Pptx, etc.), So not a problem for those who already have the documents in that format. With plugins "Sun PDF Import Extension" we can open a PDF file and edit its contents. Is that all? Certainly not a lot of other interesting features.

Office Open source: OpenOffice 3.0

As in previous versions, to create documents in PDF format, you can click on the PDF icon and automatically generated PDF documents. Here's a summary of some of the new facility OpenOffice 3.0:
  • Fully supports Mac OS X
  • Supports ODF 1.2 (Open Document Format), an XML standard document formats for Office applications
  • Able to import / open Microsoft Office 2007
  • Solver in Spreadsheet facilities, such as Microsoft Excel
  • Increased ability to generate and display the Chart
  • Crop improvement in the ability of the facility Draw and Impress applications
  • The addition of columns per sheet to 1024 (up to column AMJ)
  • Display multiple page, when editing in Writer application
  • new icon
  • Additional new chart
  • VBA support
  • Draw plus pages to a maximum of 300cm x 300 cm
  • Export to PDF with various upgrades
  • Multiple monitor support (Impress)
  • In addition there are many other new facilities, such as support in Vista, Access 2007, AutoSum button, increase the export capability of the spreadsheet and other HTML. Details can be found at 3.0 New Features
In addition to the ability to add extensions or plugins, OpenOffice has many additional useful features, such as:
  • Calendar and Email Client (Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning)
  • Presentation Minimizer Extension, to reduce the size of presentation files
  • Report Builder Extension, to generate reports from database
  • Wiki Publisher Extension
  • PDF Import Extension, a new ability to import and edit PDF documents
To see many other extensions, please visit the Extension Repository

Download OpenOffice is available for various platforms (Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS) and a variety of languages​​. Windows installer file size to about 145 MB. Download OpenOffice 3.0

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